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Hill teaches you how to speculate in foreign exchange


This course is enough for you to get started with zero basics and learn to invest in foreign exchange~ Quick start with zero foundation: You don’t have to understand finance, economics, or any professional terminology. Because at the beginning of the course, I will clearly sort out the important concepts closely related to foreign exchange investment to help you get started and then master it as quickly as possible. Master practical skills: From the installation of trading software, registration of a simulated account to specific order operations, the process of each transaction will be presented in the form of a video in the course to ensure that every practical detail is correct. Gives you the ability to focus more on your thinking when actually trading. When you can successfully complete a transaction, then the following course will focus on how to improve your return on investment through technical analysis, fundamental analysis and other methods. And eventually build a set of "muscle memory" to help you "automatically complete" every transaction quickly and reasonably. I hope that through this introductory course on foreign exchange, foreign exchange investment will become a powerful tool for you to "dig for gold" outside of work.

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