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Hill Trading Theory Advanced Course


Hill's practical trading course is a set of effective methods that can help investors establish correct trading thinking. Through strict mathematical definitions of price fluctuations in the capital market, it ultimately deduces the only three types of buying and selling points in the market, and provides insights into the current situation. The trends are completely classified to help students accurately capture investment opportunities in the market, realize buying at the buying point and sell at the selling point, achieve strict mechanized operations, and completely get rid of subjective trading. The learning route of knowledge points mainly includes the following three steps: 1. Processing of K-line inclusion relationships - top and bottom classification - pen; 2. Line segment-same level decomposition-center; 3. Level - trend type - three types of buying and selling points - complete classification of trends. In terms of teaching, the theories learned are applied to actual case operations. Students need to establish their own trading system according to their own investment style according to their learning progress. In terms of content, it mainly includes the following four parts: 1. Geometry: From the smallest price accumulation unit, through strict mathematical definition of the structural unit, the construction principles of parting, pen and line segment are obtained. Under the framework of the theory, the operation level, basic trend type, trend center, and three types of buying and selling points of the position are constructed. On the basis of three types of buying and selling points, the market price fluctuations are completely classified, thereby effectively controlling the risk of the position. 2. Dynamics: On the basis of geometry, a strict mathematical derivation is given for the strength of each trend, and on the basis of the trend center, the dynamic environment in price fluctuations is monitored. In the process of release and depletion of price momentum, relay trends and turning trends are discovered. Combined with each trend type and trend center, and through the basic principles of interval arbitrage and divergence, we conduct refined operations on the three types of buying and selling points of price fluctuations in the market. . 3. Basics of strategy design: On the basis of geometry and dynamics, we get rid of the shackles of all "indicators" and "fundamentals", mainly examine the results of the combined force of all participants in the market, and design corresponding solutions for different investment styles, fund sizes, and trading varieties. The trading strategy controls the maximum drawdown of funds on the basis of guaranteed returns. In addition, under strict derivation, corresponding quantitative trading strategies can be designed. 4. Real teaching: It mainly focuses on the problems encountered by individual investors and institutional investors during the manipulation process, and corrects common mistakes in the position management process through practical demonstrations. In addition, it helps investors establish a correct investment mentality and self-emotional management, making investment a fun part of life. Applicable students ○ Ordinary investors, large institutional investors, and professional investors. ○ Have certain basic knowledge of financial derivatives trading. ○ Systematic learning, gradual progress, not suitable for investors who study midway and only study a single section or multiple sections. learning target Through systematic study of the fluctuation rules of capital market prices, we can master the basis of objective market analysis, accurately locate the buying and selling points in the market, and completely classify the buying and selling points at each level, laying the foundation for reasonable fund management and allowing investors to Participants master the investment skills in the financial derivatives market, stay away from subjective transactions, reduce frequent aimless transactions, cultivate correct investment concepts and methods, and ultimately become excellent investors in the market.

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